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Helping our heroes with Meals for Nurses

Our healthcare professionals are on the front lines fighting the outbreak of COVID19 and keeping us safe. The least we can do is keep them fed. Donate today to provide a catered meal to one of our healthcare heroes.




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We are looking for more restaurant partners and corporate sponsors to help. If you or your company is interested, please contact us.

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We decided to set up this gofund me to support all the nurses and healthcare professionals who are on the front lines fighting the outbreak of COVID19. Its our friends, family members, neighbors, and even strangers.

Many of them are going in without the needed supplies, risking their health to help people who need them during his crisis. Being a nurse is hard enough with the demanding hours and long shifts but add this to it its unbelievable what they are doing. Many of them have kids at home, and families to tend to.

This fund will be used to provide regular breakfest, lunches, dinners, and midnight snacks (we wont forget the night shifts!) to hospital workers. We plan on using as many local businesses as we can to help them as well during this time.

Email :

We will provide updates as often as possible and we are working on a website to keep track of all the deliveries and hospitals being helped.

HEALTHCARE WORKERS: Please contact us if you would like to add your hospital. We are starting with Maryland, Virginia and DC Hospitals but want to cover as much territory as possible.